Does Deloitte hire for Performance Marketing jobs as a fresher?

  • Performance marketing refers to online marketing campaigns in which advertisers pay marketing firms or ad networks for specific outcomes, such as clicks or conversions.
  • Performance marketing, unlike traditional and organic marketing, is focused on driving activities, tracking and measuring those actions, and assigning the ROI of each asset, campaign, or activity.
  • While huge firms can spend millions on branding, most businesses must concentrate on the bottom line to be profitable. The advertiser regains control through performance marketing.

Deloitte’s Performance Marketing is a fully integrated suite of digital marketing, database marketing and insights, and data products services that may help you achieve your customer acquisition and retention goals. Hence, if an individual possesses the right set of skills even as a fresher, there are numerous job opportunities at Deloitte.

Digital marketers are hired by consulting firms for two reasons:

To oversee their digital marketing initiatives, they must: This group works on their own brand and goals, such as brand building and demand generation.