Does Deloitte hire for digital marketing roles as a fresher

• Digital marketing is a burgeoning, dynamic, and extensive discipline of marketing that encompasses a wide range of employment roles.
• Each job function aids in the development of appropriate digital marketing abilities and strategies. In digital marketing, there are various job duties such as marketing campaign planning, maintenance, offering the correct content for a business, engaging people through social media, and checking and managing visitor flow on a website.
• The purpose of digital marketing duties and responsibilities is to create powerful and inventive digital marketing strategies that use PPC, SEO, SEM, and other approaches to drive traffic to a company’s website and raise awareness of the company’s products and services.
Companies like Deloitte hire digital marketing folks for 2 reasons:

  1. To manage their digital marketing efforts: This teamwork for their own brand and objectives like brand building, demand generation, etc
  2. On behalf of their clients: This is a high-growth vertical for consulting companies. They all have access to CIOs and CFOs and this helps them to get access to CMOS. They also acquired many digital agencies. Almost all consulting companies are hiring digital marketing folks in great numbers.