Does Deloitte hire for Data Analyst job as a fresher?

• In order to answer a query or solve an issue, a data analyst collects, cleans, and evaluates data sets. Business, finance, criminal justice, science, medical, and government are just a few of the fields where they can operate.
• Data analysis can take many various shapes. More information on the many methods of data analysis may be found here. In a nutshell, the descriptive analysis explains what happened, the diagnostic analysis explains why it happened, predictive analytics generates future projections, and prescriptive analysis generates actionable recommendations.
• An MBA in the relevant field is preferred by Deloitte and they might hire a fresher post the course. However, for data analysis, Deloitte hires candidates which have relevant work experience (minimum 1-2 years)
Demonstrating an active interest in and comfort with technology and systems, as well as a drive to expand this skill set through hands-on learning
A ‘consulting attitude’ and a 'customer service orientation, as well as the capacity to perform under pressure, are all desirable qualities.