Does amazon recruit through off-campus drives?

Yes of course they hire from off-campus drives.
Companies like Microsoft or amazon or even google hire through off-campus drive, they just have a very meticulous process of hiring
For example:
Google APAC Tests can be found on Google. It’s essentially a coding competition. Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to participate, however only fourth-year students have a chance to land a job at the onsite interview, and third-year students are not eligible.

Google University Test APAC 2017

You’ll be a star as soon as you get an internship at Google, but keep working on your fundamentals and attempt to include new concepts such as math, science, and economics into your code.

Improve your competitive coding skills. You are recognized by great companies such as Microsoft and Google or even AMAZON, and you prepare for interviews be on the lookout for such drives.
Best wishes.