Does Amazon hire for Business Analysts jobs as freshers?

All of these organizations, such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Olacabs, look for only one attribute in this position: logical thinking.

A simple phone call from the recruiting staff to learn more about why you want to work for the organization and other related information

A written test that focuses mostly on quantitative aptitude (CAT level)

A technical interview about SQL, Excel, and possibly R/Python. In these businesses, the questions are pretty straightforward.

An interview with your prospective boss.
The majority of the questions here are about business issues or hypothetical queries about your organization. “What would you keep in mind before starting operations in a new city/starting sales of a particular category on your website?” is a popular question.

Prepare for impromptu estimates as well.

Senior management is interviewed.

Only business-related questions will be asked here.

He’ll try to measure how quickly and deeply you think throughout the HR interview and wage negotiation.

That’s how you could get a business analyst job at Amazon