Does amazon hire for back end engineering jobs as freshers?

There are ways to get into amazon as a back end developer/ software developer.

  • You can ask any one of your friends to refer you to Amazon because we have referral programmes, and Amazon tries to choose as many people as possible through referrals.
  • Otherwise, you have the option of being chosen on campus. I’ve also heard how you can apply via Naukri or monster or other similar sites, but that you won’t be selected.
  • Although such sites would require an experienced individual, I believe you can apply and see how it goes if you have a solid profile.
  • To summaries, while you’re passed out, attempt to contact some of your Amazon-related friends and ask them to refer you.


Even if you don’t make it all through college recruiting, you can apply each six months after that (I’ve seen people join the organization with less than six months’ experience). There are a lot of recruiters out there looking for people to recommend (for which they charge Amazon money), you simply have to find them (LinkedIn is a great platform for that). Important: Make sure your resume is in good shape