Does Accenture offer an MBA course or higher education to its employee?

  1. Yes, indeed! Accenture does sponsor a variety of industry-specific certifications, classroom training, and long-term courses such as Masters and PhDs, and all classes are provided by well-known organizations around the world.

  2. However, these courses are not available to all employees and must be qualified. The eligibility is more specific to program initiatives geared toward meeting industry demands in the coming years. Employees may be required to sign bonds to participate in such courses.
    I recently came across one of the executive programs listed below for Accenture employees. IIM Kolkata will offer this degree.

“Executive Program for Young Managers (EPYM)” for Career Levels 10 and 11′′
To enroll in this program, you must upload your documents on deck specific to this program and confirm your nomination. Your immediate supervisor must approve your nomination. Because the number of available seats is limited, confirmation will be done on a first-come, first-served basis. The deck will include course-specific information, fees, and bond restrictions.