Does Accenture make a contractual employee permanent after completing the contract?


Yes, it is entirely up to your project manager and the higher level of the project you are working on.
I want to share a scenario that occurred in 2015. Accenture had many contractual employees, and one of my colleagues has been working on our project for the past 2.5 years as a contract employee.


  1. One day, during our breakfast, I asked him why he did so many night shifts even though the night shifts were rotated. He explained that because he is hired on a contract basis, the payroll will be in the name of the consultancy, which will deduct more than 30% of his pay, and only a tiny amount of money will be in his hands.

  2. When I asked him what his monthly pay is, he said it was the pay of freshers, and he added that it would be great if he could be made permanent at least this year.

  3. Suddenly, in August of 2015, there was a policy that all contractual employees needed to be terminated; despite several meetings with our project manager and delivery managers, it did not work out for him, and they stated that HR was pressuring them not to go ahead because it violated the policy.

  4. So he had to leave the company because he was hired on a contract basis, despite being good at his job.

According to Accenture policy, if you are hired on a contract, you must work for at least two years to get a permanent position.