Does Accenture do layoffs?

  1. Accenture does not lay people off, but as part of the appraisal cycle, 10% of the resources must be rated at or below a certain level (for example, if you have ten people at the same level, they will be laddered from 1 -10, with the 10th being the below-rated resource the bell curve).

  2. The tenth may be a good performer but falls short when compared to others, is not in management’s good graces, or has left the project but is forced to suffer). These are subjected to a performance improvement plan, and based on management’s directive, some are forced to leave, and others are retained.

  3. As a result, a certain percentage of people are laid off in the name of poor performance. The majority of these are forcedly fitted as low performers and then let go. None of these are covered in the mainstream media because resources are being cut in the name of poor performance.