Do you think is Logistics is the new brand differentiator?

How many times have we heard of people exclaim that a certain e-commerce company sells great products but that their logistics leaves a lot of scope for improvement?

With time, people realize that the shipping services, packaging, and several other logistics factors are as important as the product itself. After all, your usual restaurant is not a favorite just because they have great food, right?

No one goes to a restaurant where the waiters are rude, however good the food is. Industry giants, especially the ones that have no inventory of their own but. have one thing right: logistics. They liaise with reliable shipping partners who deliver goods on time to the customer.

So, organizations know that brand building is also about logistics. When you sell something that is comparable with what your peer sells online, you need to make sure you stand apart with your logistics handling. And you also need to market that to your customers. With luck, this becomes your USP. It comes to a point where customers stick to you despite paying more because of the reliability of your logistics. For example, Amazon is a household name today not because of its competitive prices but because of its revolutionary delivery systems. One can order a product and get it the same day. Tomorrow, a drone delivery seems plausible with Amazon. People trust Amazon to deliver.