Do you have in-depth experience with content marketing?

Content marketing is now a must-have for any successful business. According to Pardot, 70% of the buyer’s journey is complete before they even reach out to sales or support.

Several primary things to highlight when going into questions regarding your digital marketing agency’s experience:

  • Conversion focus

To nurture relationships with leads, it is important to remain conversion focused. Many brands get lost in creating content they think is relevant, but doesn’t address the client questions and concerns of their audience. Additionally, using keywords that are both relevant and will rank, using tools such as keyword planner and BuzzSumo, will increase conversion rates.

The more agency questions you can answer showcasing your focus and results with conversion, the more likely it is that your prospective client will feel comfortable hiring you and retain your services.

  • Thought leadership

This is something that is necessary, especially for B2B clients, and there are several ways to establish thought leadership. One tried and true technique is guest blogging. The benefits of guest blogging include reaching new audiences, developing backlinks, and asserting yourself/your client as subject matter experts among other industry experts.

Another core element of thought leadership is providing value to others. This can be accomplished on social media by answering client questions and establishing the brand as a go-to resource.

Share these ideas with your prospects as well as examples of how you’ve leveraged thought leadership in the past to further trust and establish the business relationship.

  • Experience with lead magnets/gated content

Growing an email list will be a goal of nearly every brand/client you will encounter. An excellent way to accomplish this is by utilizing gated content and lead magnets.

Gated content essentially requires a customer to input their information to receive access to specific content (ebook, webinar, white paper, etc.). Assuming your content addresses a need and has valuable, relevant information, this strategy is an effective way to build email lists organically.

Every promotion deserves its own post-click landing page. Hyper-targeting and personalization are crucial in the digital marketing age, and post-click landing pages assist you in doing just that. If you’re unsure how to use post-click landing pages, this guide will take you step by step through the process.