Do you have experience or education in this role/sector/vertical?

At the end of the day, it’s essential for the interviewer to understand if you will be able to satisfy the job functions of the management role you applied for. To best prepare for these questions, be sure to thoroughly read the job posting and come prepared to speak to how you can perform each job function they are seeking. It’s fine if you don’t have experience in everything they are asking for, but look to have strong examples for at least 70% of the duties listed. For those remaining, show how your educational background provides the foundation to meet these requirements, and speak to how you are willing to learn to become more competent in these skills.

If you’re still unsure about having all the skills or education needed to fill a management role, consider working toward adding additional education to your resume. Not only will a bachelor’s or master’s degree help your resume stand out, there are many online degrees and classes focused on building management skills at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. By researching an online college, like the University of Arizona Global Campus, you can begin fitting courses into your daily schedule – even while out interviewing for that next position! Not sure where to start? Try our online degree finder to get going.