Do you have any questions for me? | PM interview questions

Question’s Purpose
They want to know how serious and invested you are in this job. Also, a PM’s power is their ability to ask questions — good questions — so this is an opportunity for them to evaluate the quality of your questions.

How to Answer
Prepare questions beforehand, never not ask questions at this point in the interview.

Some typical PM questions I ask: How do they measure success? What would success look like in this role? What would failure look like? How do you motivate your employees? How are you going to beat competitor X?

There is no wrong question here. Just dig as deeply into their company, their product, how design/eng/pm work together, company values, and whatever you can think of.

Sometimes I notice a theme to their questions and I’ll ask about it. Like, one company kept asking me about how I would resolve conflicts between managers, devs, PMs, and so on. So I asked them, “Hey, I noticed a lot of your questions are about conflict resolution in the workplace. Is that a major challenge for your company?” Turns out, yes it is. A recent re-org put people at odds with each other and the interviewers wanted to know how well I could handle an environment like that.

Just remember, be bold here. Ask the hardest questions you can think of.

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