Do you consider yourself succesfull?

Asking about your definition of success and if you see yourself as successful is a way for managers to learn about your personality and aspirations. They want to know that you have plans for your career and expect to hear about the progress you have made toward your goals. A thoughtful answer that highlights your focus and determination to succeed can help you impress interviewers.

How to answer :
You don’t want to say that you are not successful. That sounds as though you do not think highly of yourself. You also don’t want to say “yes, I am” because that is a boring answer. The best way to approach the question is to give a philosophical answer, pondering the meaning of success and possibly stating that you are both.

A strong answer will also include:

  1. Your definition of success
  2. The steps you’ve taken so far to achieve success
  3. An explanation of how this job will help you continue your journey toward success.

You can understand better by the example given below:
“I define success as the ability to meet the goals you set out for yourself, so in many ways, I am both. I have been meeting the goals I set for myself, but I also set new goals that I have not yet achieved. As long as I have goals I can never be completely successful, but neither am I unsuccessful since I have achieved many of my previous goals.”

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