Do Investment firms like JP Morgan hire freshy qualified Charterd accountant?

To simply answer the questions, Yes, They do hire freshly qualified Chartered accountants. However, they do not hire them for Investment banking roles but for accounting roles only.

Chartered accountants at Investment Banks do the same type of work as Chartered accountants everywhere, but the quality and quantity of work are typically higher than in other industries, which explains the advantages!

You will be asked about your past experiences and academics and other relevant questions for the role. They will also ask about your journey of becoming a chartered accountant and the number of attempts.

If you pass the stage with flying colors, they will try to determine how analytical you are? And how do you handle pressure situations?

There are typically eight rounds of interviews for an analyst position , and for an Associate role, there are up to fourteen. For six roles, they interviewed about 100 candidates . So, it’s a difficult nut to crack, but if you succeed, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.