Do i need to have a professional background in an online interview?

Do i need to have a professional background in an online interview?

It can be anything which is not very distracting for the interviewer (just wall or curtain will work )
one suggestion - refrain from having books in the backgrounds if you dont know what is there in those books!


Agreed with @geetanjali-prasad. The background isn’t going to add any points to your interview scores, but can be a problem for you if the recruiter gets more “content” to use against you in the interview!

However, if used smartly, the background can also be a portrayal of your personality and a potential talking point to break the ice with the interviewer.
For instance, if you are a football fan, a prominent poster of Messi in the BG can be a great ice breaker, especially if the interviewer is also into football (and hopefully not a CR7 fan :grin:)!

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I feel working extra hard for professional background is not necessary. However, it should not be messy and cluttered. Overall, the interview surrounding should be clean, and well lit.

You shouldn’t really be stressed out about the background in an interview. With interviewers also working from home these days, interviewer would not really be bothered about what’s in the background.

Having said that, do remember,

  1. To pick up a well lit place so that interviewer can see you clearly
  2. To avoid places where there is disturbance in the background. It will be distracting for you as well as interviewer
  3. You may use the images or objects in the background to drive conversations in your favour