Discuss some of the machine learning algorithms

ML algorithms

Most commonly discussed Machine Learning Algorithms are-

  1. Supervised algorithm which includes classification and regression algorithms.
  2. Unsupervised algorithm like clustering (k means).
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Basically you need to understand first the taxonomy of machine learning .

Practically you have :

  1. Supervised learning : regression and classification task and basically understanding of gradient descent , logististc regression , performance metrics (rmsle , rmse, log loss , accuracy score) , and of course some ,learning’’ models that you could train on them such as regression , decission trees , random forest, boosting , bagging , adaboost etc.
  2. Unsupervised learning : see multiple methods for clustering

After that , neural networks , image recognition natural language processing .

It is kind of not realistic to know those alghoritms from scratch , because there are allready implementation for them , but you need to know what and when to use , eventual write ensembles over them.