Discuss Line Charts in Tableau?

A line chart, also referred to as a line graph or a line plot, connects a series of data points using a line. This chart type presents sequential values to help you identify trends. Most of the time, the x-axis (horizontal axis) represents a sequential progression of values. The y-axis (vertical axis) then tells you the values for a selected metric across that progression. Line charts connect individual data points in a view. They provide a simple way to visualize a sequence of values and are useful when you want to see trends over time, or to forecast future values.

When deciding what chart type to use, remember that line charts can help users answer questions like the following:

  • What patterns appear in the data over time?
  • Is the data in an upward trend or a downward trend?
  • Is one category performing better than other sets of data?
  • Are we likely to meet our quarterly goal?