Differentiate between Google Adword and Double Click

Differentiate between Google Adword and Double Click.

Google AdWords got renamed to Google Ads and then DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange got put into a new platform that we now know as Google Ad Manager.

There’s a significant overlap between DoubleClick-based solutions in Google Marketing Platform and the more conventional Google Ads.

  • Targeting: Google Ads offers many targeting options including keyword-based targeting. In DoubleClick third-party audience available.

  • In Google Ads, You can specify the website manually. the number of impressions depends on the bidding. In DoubleClick, You can buy a certain number of impressions on chosen websites.

  • Increased reach: Limited to Google Adsense’s websites. DoubleClick have a wide range of websites/ separate websites

  • Pricing: In Google Ads, you can use CPC (Cost per click), CPM (Cost per thousand impressions). DoubleClick products charge CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) only.

  • Search 360 helps you enhance your existing Google Ads campaigns. Thanks to its flexible rules, your campaign performance would be comparable to constant high-quality manual optimisation. Google Ads alone doesn’t allow for such efficiency at the moment.