Different Job roles in Digital Marketing?

Community Manager (CM) .

A community manager oversees the day-to-day operation of social networks, as well as comments and messages, and evaluates the strategy for various initiatives with the help of the SMM. He must have a complete understanding of the people he is targeting each day, as well as command and control over the various social network managers to speed up their work as much as possible and stay up to date on the news from the multiple channels to act quickly and improve their work.

Digital Content Manager .

I’m in charge of content management, which usually entails blogs, both those more focused on positioning and those with high-quality content. Pay attention to the content’s timetable and work with the copywriters or editors to meet the deadlines.


From an ad text to creating a blog entry, they are responsible for all material. They are incredibly creative people who fast figure out the ideal way to communicate a notion or an idea. Furthermore, they are unconcerned about the subject because they conduct a thorough study. While they may specialise in certain areas, they can usually write on virtually any topic.

Creative Designer

What would social media and digital marketing be without a visually appealing design? Every day, creative designers “squeeze” their minds to convert what their consumers require into visuals and videos sent to them by project managers or accounts.

Project Manager

It is the person who is in charge of keeping track of all projects, attempting to correct deviations from the results, and assisting the Account Manager.

Account Manager

Daily, they serve as the client’s point of contact, relaying their wants and wishes to their team (content, social media, design, development, etc.). Planning and organising projects to provide a personalised, professional, and efficient service.

SEO/SEM Specialist

These are SEO (organic positioning) and SEM (search engine marketing) experts (paid positioning). Their responsibilities include optimising the positioning of organic and paid clients, both through content and actions related to them and through the start-up.

Digital PR

They are the “new” public relations professionals who are now more focused on managing influencers, media, and digital blogs. They are in charge of identifying and maintaining tight relationships with those media and personalities who can play a critical role for customers. They also perform link building activities in particular media and blogs to help clients enhance their SEO rankings.


Developers are in charge of programming web pages, troubleshooting issues, and implementing enhancements (eCommerce, SEO, visual, sections, and so on) to provide the best possible user experience. They must be familiar with many platforms and online design tools. Still, they can also specialise in certain sorts of web pages, such as eCommerce, to provide even more detailed project management and completion.