Difference between linear and non linear Data structure?

Differences between the Linear data structure and non-linear data structure.

Linear vs Non-Linear data structure

Linear Data structure Non-Linear Data structure
Basic In this structure, the elements are arranged sequentially or linearly and attached to one another. In this structure, the elements are arranged hierarchically or non-linear manner.
Types Arrays, linked list, stack, queue are the types of a linear data structure. Trees and graphs are the types of a non-linear data structure.
implementation Due to the linear organization, they are easy to implement. Due to the non-linear organization, they are difficult to implement.
Traversal As linear data structure is a single level, so it requires a single run to traverse each data item. The data items in a non-linear data structure cannot be accessed in a single run. It requires multiple runs to be traversed.
Arrangement Each data item is attached to the previous and next items. Each item is attached to many other items.
Levels This data structure does not contain any hierarchy, and all the data elements are organized in a single level. In this, the data elements are arranged in multiple levels.
Memory utilization In this, the memory utilization is not efficient. In this, memory is utilized in a very efficient manner.
Time complexity The time complexity of linear data structure increases with the increase in the input size. The time complexity of non-linear data structure often remains same with the increase in the input size.
Applications Linear data structures are mainly used for developing the software. Non-linear data structures are used in image processing and Artificial Intelligence .