Difference between ARP and RARP

1. ARP stands for Address Resolution Protocol. Whereas RARP stands for Reverse Address Resolution Protocol.
2. Through ARP, (32-bit) IP address mapped into (48-bit) MAC address. Whereas through RARP, (48-bit) MAC address of 48 bits mapped into (32-bit) IP address.
3. In ARP, broadcast MAC address is used. While in RARP, broadcast IP address is used.
4. In ARP, ARP table is managed or maintained by local host. While in RARP, RARP table is managed or maintained by RARP server.
5. In Address Resolution Protocol, Receiver’s MAC address is fetched. While in RARP, IP address is fetched.
6. In ARP, ARP table uses ARP reply for its updation. While in RARP, RARP table uses RARP reply for configuration of IP addresses .
7. Hosts and routers uses ARP for knowing the MAC address of other hosts and routers in the networks. While RARP is used by small users having less facilities.