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Describe the process you use to create a social media calendar

Describe the process you use to create a social media calendar.

Social media content calendars are the best way to plan and organize upcoming content.
1: Set Monthly Social Media Goals - Decide what you want to achieve for each category on social media and add it to a goal-setting spreadsheet.

2: Decide on a Content Mix for Your Social Channels - Plan your content on or before the first of each month. Throughout the week, you can fill in by creating content, designing images, manually sharing posts, and adding them to your scheduling tools.

3: Create the Calendar - You can either create your calendar manually or download social media calendar template to start using it right away.

4: Add Content to Your Calendar - Now that you’ve created your calendar framework, choose the specific days to share each piece of content. Using your same color-coding scheme, add the content from your working library.

5: Create, Schedule, and Publish Your Social Media Posts - Now it’s time to research and execute your social media plan create the content you need, there are many tools like canva, pexel, PromoRepublic will help.

6: Track the Dates You Share Content to Your Social Profiles - Use a spreadsheet to track when and where you’ve shared content on each social media channel.