Describe a time when your workload was heavy and how you handled it. How to answer this question?

During a job interview, you will almost certainly be asked a few questions regarding how you handled your past work duties. “Describe a moment when your workload was heavy and how you handled it,” is a common inquiry.

This question can be asked in job interviews at any level, from entry-level to executive. Many occupations have periods where work builds up, and your response will aid the interviewer in determining if you are a suitable fit for the job.

How to answer this question
This is an example of a behavioural interview question, in which the interviewer is attempting to anticipate how you would handle a situation based on your previous conduct. He or she will want you to give an example of a past occurrence in your career, including a description of what created the problem, how you dealt with it, and what the outcome of your involvement was.

Provide a comprehensive narrative on how you dealt with this difficult circumstance in the past while answering the question, “Describe a period when your workload was high.” Give some background on how the problem developed and how you came up with a viable solution.

Include particular problem-solving or time management skills that helped you manage the overwhelming workload in your response.