Describe a situation when you have entered onto a new team. How did you transition to the new team?

At some point, you’ll likely have to face changes with the team you work on or where you work within a company. Employers ask this question to determine how you respond to changes in your work environment and in co-workers.

Your answer to this question is an opportunity to discuss how you respond to change and how you navigate building new relationships with co-workers.

When I worked as a project manager at my last job, I was reassigned from the web redesign project to a new one. This was because I had more experience with web redesign projects and it became a top priority for the business. As a result, I had to leave my old product team.

I reached out to my new co-workers before my transition was scheduled to take place, so that I could get to know them better. This helped me break the ice and build a good rapport with them before I was scheduled to start. I also scheduled a team meeting on our first day to ensure everyone was familiar with my management style before we began.

From this experience, I learned the importance of being adaptable. I also learned that the best way to get to know a new team is to work directly with them as soon as possible. Further, it showed me the importance of being transparent about expectations