Define terms used in Excel?

Excel is one of the more versatile programs out there. It is capable of performing small tasks such as organizing data to more complex arithmetic operations for financial or engineering needs. While basic operations are easy to learn, the program does have some specific jargon that may throw people off.

  • Workbook: An Excel file.
  • Worksheet: A worksheet within an Excel file.
  • Ribbon: The menu bar at the top of Excel.
  • Cell: A rectangular box in a worksheet that contains data.
  • Name Box: Shows the cell/table selected; also used to rename cells/tables.
  • Cell Reference: The cell/table selected.
  • Formula Bar: Shows the data/formula/phrase in the cell selected.
  • Formula: A set of instructions for Excel to carry out.
  • Functions: Formulas built into Excel.
  • Array/Range: A group of cells or tables denoted by a colon between the 1st and last cell.