Define bare-metal node

The bare-metal node provides access to the bare-metal driver, which manages the provisioning of actual OpenStack Compute hardware using common cloud APIs and tools such as Heat. Single-tenant clouds, such as high-performance cluster computing, are commonly utilized. A network interface must be established with the bare-metal node placed into it in order to use the bare-metal driver. Users can then utilize the node to launch an instance. By deleting the linked network instances, users may also list and delete bare-metal nodes.

The bare-metal driver for OpenStack Compute manages provisioning of physical hardware by using common cloud APIs and tools such as Orchestration (Heat). The use case for this driver is for single project clouds such as a high-performance computing cluster, or for deploying OpenStack itself.

If you use the bare-metal driver, you must create a network interface and add it to a bare-metal node. Then, you can launch an instance from a bare-metal image.