Data control in Codes?

With regulations like GDPR and CCPA becoming more common, technology companies have to be more careful about the vendors they use.

One of the education technology companies I worked with ran into this problem when we tried to expand into Europe. Schools in Germany do not allow student data to be stored in the United States [due to privacy concerns, and some of the low-code tools we used didn’t offer international data tenancy options. Limitations like this can seriously impact your business, so they shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Some low-code tools allow you to self-host their software as a way around this. “A lot of times, you need really complex audits to be able to send your data to a third-party,” Tanay Pant of [n8nwhich uses a [fair-code license—told me. “Being able to self-host is definitely a big plus for our users.”