Critical Path Method in project?

CPM is an essential tool that is thoroughly used by project managers. This is because this tool can monitor and assess the progress of the project in real-time. It is to ensure that all the ongoing projects performed by the team are going to finish in time.

The [Critical Path of the project) is the longest sequence of activities performed on the network diagram. It is also characterized as having zero slack time for all activities that are involved in a particular sequence.

So, if there’s the slightest delay in any activity, it will cause a delay in the overall project deployment.

Zero Slack time is bad but also good in some ways. Good because the project managers will remain more vigilant when they will know that the slightest error can hinder the progress of the project.

Also, project managers can divert resources from a specific project to some other project if they need to. This makes sure that the appropriate resources are used somewhere important and the project is not delayed.

But while doing that, the project manager has to ensure that the activity in question does not become a critical path activity due to the reduction in the number of resources.