Creating the Ballparks while establishing a Digital Marketing Agency

To begin a Digital Marketing Agency, one should first attempt to make a profit of 75 lakh INR. This should be your first goal when you start the agency, and the best time to do so is while you’re still working full-time somewhere else. That is the most effective method for establishing a digital marketing agency. This is because working allows one to become acquainted with the intricacies of a functional business. One must have the desire to engage in side hustles and then set a goal, which is usually around INR 75 Lakh. When the side hustle generates that much revenue or profit (as the case may be), the individual can quit his current job and devote his full time to his side hustle. It’s a very popular trend in the United States. They have a target number in mind, also known as the threshold, and when that target is reached, they quit and focus solely on their digital marketing agencies.