Content Writing Vs. Copywriting In Digital Marketing: What's The Difference?

Content creation is an integral part of digital marketing. It’s also common knowledge that users will not discover your business when browsing the internet unless you create content. Content is the driving force behind all successful digital marketing campaigns, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns and social media marketing (SMM). Each piece of content signals a new opportunity for your business to connect with prospective customers.

Not all forms of content creation are the same, however. There’s content writing, but there’s also copywriting. While both are used in digital marketing campaigns, they have starkly different purposes. If you use digital marketing to promote your business, you should learn the nuances that distinguish content writing from copywriting.
Content writing involves the creation of text content to educate or entertain readers. It may drive sales as well, but that’s not its primary purpose. With content writing, you want to educate or entertain readers by creating high-quality and valuable content.