Content on your paginated pages is unique and relevant?

Google search bots garner content from different pages and then choose which one is canonical. You therefore, need to ensure that your paginated pages have unique content and that it is relevant for your users. If a user wants to buy a particular product, then the paginated product page needs to describe that product in detail, in order to set it apart from other paginated product pages.

This means that even if products may be in the same category, their individual description on each product page needs to be different.

Smart use of keywords

Sites will now need to use keywords in anchor text that link back to top-levels. In our Oscar Hunt example, the paginated page could use a keyword like Oxford toe cap black shoes in anchor text to let Google know that the page is related to the page that is higher in link structure, Shoes:

It is best to use variations of the same keyword in order to avoid [keyword cannibalization]. This is where paginated pages compete for the same keyword. You will be doing your site a disservice as there are pages that will rank lower, pulling your entire site’s rank lower on search engine results.

Order your items based on priority

Items on your paginated pages need to be ordered based on priority. This way, users will easily find the most popular content. Paginated pages containing the most relevant content are only a few links from the landing page. You will need to get a firmer grip of your link structure. Using [breadcrumbs can also come in handy. Here’s an example of breadcrumbs used on the specific paginated product page.