Compare R & Python?

R programming Language Python programming language
Model Building is similar to Python Model Building is similar to R.
Model Interpretability is good Model Interpretability is not good
Production is not better than Python. Production is good
R has good community support over Python. Community Support is not better than R
Data Science Libraries are same as Python. Data Science Libraries are same as R.
R has good data visualizations libraries and tools Data visualization is not better than R
R has a steep learning curve. Learning Curve in Python is easier than learning R.

What is the similarity of Python and R?

  • Both Python and R languages are open source programming languages. A huge number of various programming community members contributed to the development of documentation and the development of these languages.
  • Both can be used to analyze data, analytic and in machine learning projects.
  • Both have advanced tools for implementing projects in the field of data science.

Why Python?

Python is used by developers, who:

  • Want to understand and get into data analysis
  • Work with statistical methods and large amounts of data
  • Build complex multi-protocol network applications
  • Work mainly with machine learning products

Why R?

  • Statistical models are written in several lines
  • Easier work with complex calculations
  • Well-documented algorithms and tools in work with the statistic