Choose Your Influencers Wisely in ORM?

When talking about online reputation management, we cannot ignore its newest angle for many businesses, influencer marketing. This may seem like a great substitution for paid media, but you do not have the same control over the reputation as you do with ads and sponsored posts.

Just think about the [2017 scandal ]with Disney’s Maker Studios and PewDiePie. Maker Studios employed one of the most famous online personalities to be a part of their promotion strategy, but humans are very unpredictable. PewDiePie provoked a huge controversy when he staged two men to hold a sign saying “Death to all Jews”. And, Disney’s entity was forced to cancel the contract with the famous and now notorious vlogger straight away. Even with a rapid response, this incident should have affected the company’s reputation.

We certainly don’t mean to discourage you completely from using influencer marketing as a part of your online reputation management strategy. You just have to be very careful when choosing the right person to work with. And even people you are absolutely certain about might not be the best choice for associating your brand name with. For instance, Michelle Obama may be an impeccable person to ask for a feature, yet if you have a large Republican customer base, this may not be the best idea.

If you have decided you are ready to invest in some influencer marketing
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