Certificate courses for Undergraduate operations manager?

These certificates may be especially useful for students who want to learn the fundamental knowledge and abilities needed to work in an operations job. A list of undergraduate certifications can be found here:

1. Project Management Certificate from the University of Phoenix (Undergraduate)

This undergraduate curriculum teaches students how to manage projects, manage teams, track projects, and estimate costs and timeframes using project management software. Before beginning this programme, you must have completed at least 18 college credits. Each year, six courses are offered, each lasting roughly five weeks. Each course in the programme costs $1,194. Completing the programme entails completing and delivering a capstone project to a board of executives.

2. Metropolitan College’s Undergraduate Certificate in Business Management at Boston University

Students will learn the fundamentals of business operations and corporate leadership in this certificate programme. Students gain a better understanding of business environments and acquire skills that they can apply to graduate school or their first job. The part-time programme is eight to twelve months long and consists of four classes.

3. Undergraduate Certificate in Operations and Supply Chain Management from Cal State LA

Students in non-business degree programmes who desire to work in supply chain management can enrol in a certificate programme at Cal State LA. With an instructor’s approval, students without formal university enrollment can nonetheless finish this certificate. After achieving 15 credits, students receive their certificates.

4. Undergraduate Certificate in Operations and Supply Chain Management from Golden Gate University

This certification programme teaches students the fundamentals of operations and supply chain management. The themes covered are sustainability, technology, strategic planning, inventories, performance improvement, and risk management. Six courses are included in the $8,316 package.

5. Certificate in Operations Management from the University of Phoenix

Students will learn how to assess quality management, comprehend inventory systems, manage service delivery, and make purchasing and procurement decisions as part of the programme. This curriculum consists of six classes, each of which lasts around five weeks. Passing the final capstone project course, in which students build their own operations management strategy, is required to complete the degree.