Career Prospects in Sales - Why Sales?

Any journey begins with understanding what goal we are moving towards and the first step in the career journey of sales is: why sales? What is it about sales that many people look for an opportunity to work in it and why can be it a good professional move for those who have never thought about it?

Building your Base Ground- up: No matter what you are selling, it is important to understand what is available, what are the customer choices, and the customer’s own perception. What sells at the store, what is the role of retailers in selling, and how can you improve the purchase of your item. There are many basic challenges that start from the store and they in turn help in making the larger management roles. A person if skips this basic step, then once at a higher position, there decisions may lack clarity.

Customer is the Key: While we always say that in management the customer is the key, no role quite goes into such a deep emphasis on the same as does sales. During sales, the face-to-face or other direct modes of interaction with customers is maximum. That gives a deeper insight to the psychology of customers and their purchases which goes a long way in determining their ‘need’.

Passion Determines Talent: Unlike other roles like operations, marketing, and finance, where experience and the right knowledge along with hard work determine the results, a lot of the sales job is based on drive to work and passion. Sales forces are always on the ground, on foot or phone and it can get tiring, but those who willing to put in the effort have the opportunity to learn a lot from hands-on-experience.

Communicating the Right Pitch: All businesses are based on an ability to develop and establish a solid network. A good salesperson has to establish a network of various stakeholders, from distributors to retailers and from marketing team to operations team. Not only does sales gives an opportunity to establish this network but it helps build reputation in the market which goes a long way in doing business.

A Reflection of Performance: A good match is one where you both flexibility and competition is balanced and sales is such a role. There are many decisions that a sales executive has to take by him/herself. However, being a performance-based job, - that is the more you sell, the more you reap – means you have to be on your toes. For those who are looking for a job that challenges them, this is your stop.

In both your personal and professional life, a career in sales can provide you with exciting and lucrative opportunities. As salespeople, people who are creative, knowledgeable, strategic, independent, confident, and motivated have the potential to earn a lot of money. For people with the right personality and attitude, this rewarding and interesting career path offers many advantages, including:

a) Low entry barrier: A career in sales does not require a specific degree for you to enter, knowledge of the product and the ability to communicate well can help you travel up the corporate ladder. Therefore the career is one of the best when it comes to accessibility.

b) Job Security: Sales as a profession has job security because whatever happens in an economy sales is always an important business need. There are some sectors which always requires sales person even how much automation happens, these sectors are mostly the products which require technical knowledge due to product complexity therefore require personal selling.

c) Work Life Balance: Salespeople, especially those who operate on a quota system that demands them to produce a specific number of sales in a certain amount of time, can typically determine their own timetables. Any more sales are just extra commission once they’ve met that criteria, and they may work as much or as little as they like. Many people who work in sales have a good work-life balance because they can structure their work schedules around their personal lives rather than the other way around.

d) Networking: Sales is one of the most sociable professions, making it an excellent sector for expanding your professional network. Working in sales may teach you how to network in many areas, manage commercial connections, and build a positive reputation. Salespeople gain the capacity to find leads in any circumstance, allowing them to form long-term relationships with a variety of people. People who love interacting with people might use their sales position to develop long-term personal and communal ties.