Career options in Digital Marketing?

In today’s tech savvy world, Digital Marketing is one of the most lucrative career options available at an individual’s disposal. With a surge in the number of online businesses due to the pandemic and every business trying to make an online presence, the number of job opportunities that one can tap into has increase manifold. Behind a successful social media campaign or a successful blog/tweet trending, there are several professionals who work on it. As there are numerous channels available today to make your content visible, a need for professionals at every stage is essential and demanded. Hence, there are various jobs available in the digital marketing domain, few of which are:

  1. SEO Executive/Manager/Director

  2. Pay-per-click professional

  3. Social Media Marketing Strategist/Consultant/Manager

  4. Search Engine Marketing Strategist/Executive/Manager/Director

  5. Web Developer and Web Designer

  6. Junior/Senior Content Writer or Content Strategist

  7. Digital Agency Account Manager


Digital marketing, in its most basic level, refers to any online marketing endeavour. Search engines, social media, corporate websites, blogs, and online ads are all examples of digital channels. Because so many people spend so much of their time online, it’s difficult to find a marketer today who doesn’t work in some way with digital marketing.

Digital marketers, on the other hand, are experts in those channels. They’re data gurus who thrive in the fast-paced world of real-time campaign analysis. They create digital marketing strategies, create content for each digital channel, and track analytics to determine the effectiveness of each campaign. Digital marketers provide performance information to content and product marketers, and marketing managers rely on them to assess programme success.

Some popular job titles in Digital marketing are:

  • Digital marketing manager
  • Digital strategist
  • Director of digital marketing
  • Director of web marketing
  • Director of SEO operations
  • Internet marketing specialist
  • Internet marketing specialist
  • Paid search manager
  • Pay-per-click manager
  • SEM manager
  • SEM specialist
  • SEO manager
  • SEO specialist
  • Web marketing manager
  • Web marketing specialis