Career of a Labor Relations Manager

Why is this a good career choice: You can fight for workers’ rights. If you enjoy negotiating contracts and securing the best deal for your employees, becoming a labour relations manager is the career for you. Labour relations managers function as mediators between the employees and the company on behalf of a labour union that represents the employees.

When management and a labour union are at odds, the labour relations manager assists both parties in reaching an agreement on pay, pensions, health benefits, working conditions, and management practices. A labour relations manager’s other responsibilities include:

  • drafting ideas for norms and regulations for collective bargaining agreements.
  • Advise and train management on labour relations, labour grievances, and disciplinary procedures.
  • Ensure human resource policies conform with union agreements by holding meetings and serving as a conduit between management and labour.

This career necessitates excellent decision-making, listening, interpersonal, and writing abilities. When dealing with labour rules, you’ll also need to be meticulous. A labour relations manager’s typical yearly pay is $69,020. A top labour relations manager’s annual salary might reach $124,380.