Career in International Human Resources Manager

Why this is a great career path: Traveling internationally If you enjoy travelling, speaking one or more foreign languages, and connecting with people from various cultures, you should explore a career as an international human resources manager. The responsibilities of this HR role are similar to those of a domestic human resources manager. The main difference is that you’ll be working in various locations worldwide.

  • Recruiting people for openings worldwide where the organisation has offices are just a few of the responsibilities.
  • Across an international organisation, implement training and professional staff development requirements.
  • Putting compensation and benefit plans in place in accordance with the legislation of the countries where the company has offices.
  • Assist the multinational organisation in understanding local labour regulations and employee rights.

A career as an international human resources manager is a one-of-a-kind and intriguing HR position. The average yearly compensation for this occupation is $133,249, with top earners earning up to $183,453 per year.