Can you tell me about a recent side project you’ve worked on?

Companies love to hire developers who have side projects because it shows that you actually enjoy coding and it’s a sign that you’ll take pride in your work. It also proves that you’re curious, a natural problem solver, and that you’ll keep your skills up-to-date.

Remember, problem solving is the most sought-after skill among developers. The best indicator of job performance is how much time developers spend working on new ideas and testing new technologies. Be sure to tell the interviewer what interests you about your side project and describe the problem you’re trying to solve.

Most companies want to hire someone who’s going to do more than clock in and clock out. If you have an account on GitHub or any other public code repository, now’s a good time to let the interviewer know. They’ll want to browse it later on to get a taste of what you’re capable of. If you can demo your product during the interview, that’s even better!

And, of course, if you’ve ever started your own company, be sure to talk in detail about your challenges and successes.