Can you reduce paid media campaign cost without losing traffic?

Can you reduce paid media campaign cost without losing traffic?

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  • Improve Impression Share - To get the most out of your paid search advertising, you need to know which ads are your top performers and make sure that they’re getting every possible impression.

  • Optimize paid campaign’s settings - campaign setting can eat a lot of your budget if you have not set them up to align with your business goals.

  • Use Social Media’s Free Features - Scheduling compelling social posts is a free, easy way to market your business, especially if done strategically.

  • Identifying Your Top Performing Keywords - To figure out which keywords you should be maximizing impression share on, you need to figure out which keywords are producing the most conversions.

  • Improve Quality Score - One of the oldest, but simplest ways to reduce ad spend is to improve your quality scores. High quality scores mean that you’re on the right track.

  • Watch Out for Broad Match Types - Broad match keywords can be a death trap for ad campaigns unless you’re making heavy use of negative keywords. Consider using exact match or phrase match keywords instead, and use plenty of those negative keywords to keep things on track.

  • Boost Quality Score with Better Ad Structure - Google determines CPA based on an advertiser’s quality score. There is such a strong correlation between the improvement of quality score and reducing CPA

  • Try Machine Learning - Google Ads has built-in machine learning to help advertisers improve conversions and optimize ad performance.