Can you explain the difference between file structure and storage structure?

  • File Structure: Representation of data into secondary or auxiliary memory say any device such as hard disk or pen drives that stores data which remains intact until manually deleted is known as a file structure representation.
  • Storage Structure: In this type, data is stored in the main memory i.e RAM, and is deleted once the function that uses this data gets completely executed.
  • The difference is that storage structure has data stored in the memory of the computer system, whereas file structure has the data stored in the auxiliary memory.

Storage Structure

The memory that is allocated to a variable or a constant is stored in the main memory of the computer that is RAM which gets deleted as soon as the function ends. This representation of allocating the memory is called Storage Structure

File Structure

If you write the data in a file and save that file in the hard disk or any other external device like Pen Drive then the data will remain intact till it is deleted manually by the user. This representation of saving the file in an auxiliary or secondary memory is called File Structure