Can you describe the role of a Search Engine Optimiser in Digital Marketing?

A Search Engine Optimiser is generally hired when a company already has content on its webisites and wishes to boost its visibility. Most Search Engine Optimisers operate as freelance consultants and work on a project basis with organisations. They provide useful services to the firms they work for, including but not limited to reviewing the existing content and website structure, advising the Digital Marketing team on the website development, management of virtual business development campaigns, development of search engine optimised content in collusion with Content Strategists, keyword research, and SEO training. Search Engine Optimisers also tend to have years of experience and expertise in specific markets and geographies.

Since most opportunities available under this role are of a freelance or gig-based nature, it is advisable to secure a minimum of 10 years of experience working in this field in order to secure good clients. To get started in your Digital Marketing career and work towards becoming a Search Engine Optimiser, check Board Infinity’s course on Digital Marketing .