Can you define Operations Management?

Operations management is focused on the efficient running of business processes designed to maximize output and results within an organization. Put simply, operations management allows business leaders to track, monitor and measure the key metrics within a business to make sure that everything is working as it should.

Every organization has processes and systems in place to ensure that the business continues to run, but the degree to which they manage these processes and operations varies greatly depending on the tools they leverage to track and monitor the efficiencies of those operations. In fact, operations management itself can take many forms, and can vary greatly in terms of scope and impact on the business.

An ineffective approach to operations management can also be one of the biggest roadblocks to sustained growth. Businesses that avoid setting up formal processes see their efforts hindered as inefficiencies take hold, reducing overall revenue and profit margin.

What follows is an overview of some of the top tools and templates to help support operational effectiveness at any stage of growth to drive greater organizational efficiency.
Because of our knowledge in this space, we have developed a system to guide your team through the specific steps needed to create and execute a unified operations dashboard. What resulted from years of research and experience with leading Fortune and FTSE 500 companies is the upBOARD Operations Dashboard Command Center, a tool that helps bring together best-in-class tools and templates for businesses looking to manage their operations from one consolidated dashboard. We’ve made many of these individual tools freely available as downloads.

When taken together, an operations dashboard transforms reports, tools and key performance indicators (KPI’s) into a consolidated and visually compelling system that’s always on, always current, and always available for everyone to see.