Can you briefly tell us about yourself - Wipro interview question?

Not only in Wipro interview it is asked in almost all interviews, Make Shure you prepare well for it.
The answers given should be carefully considered because the following questions will be based on them. If you indicate a passion, a skill, or a project, for example, you may receive questions about those topics. As a result, one must plan what to say and be prepared to answer inquiries about the topics discussed. Also, because this is not a technical interview, you should avoid going into technical specifics, which the HR interviewer is unlikely to appreciate.

Example Response: My name is A, and I recently completed my studies at X University. I want to work in the Z industry, and I’ve worked hard to get the appropriate abilities. I have 2 years of job experience (or none at all) and a project based on Y that has been deployed. I graduated from X Higher Secondary School, and my hobbies include reading, swimming, and playing the guitar. Football is another sport that I enjoy both playing and watching.