Can I learn Cyber Security after an MBA?

Businesses today face the risk of losing valuable data to online hackers who disrupt online networks.
• Business managers have realized the importance to act on this information rather than reacting to the same. Hence, cyber security is relevant to all management students.
• People might be skilled in cyber security but there is an existing leadership gap in this field which can be combated by management students.
• There is a gap between technologists and executives that needs to be bridged.
• Evidence suggests that most data breaches have been caused by employees. Hence, management becomes crucial in tackling cyber-crimes.
• A manager should make the employees feel comfortable in reporting any cyber crimes that take place. These interpersonal skills are honed during the MBA journey for an individual.
• Managing cybercrimes might become a part of the standard skill-sets required to become a successful manager.
Therefore, with the technological advancements taking place around the globe, one can definitely and preferably learn cyber security post an MBA.