Can I go for part time MBA while working at Accenture?


It is primarily determined by your ability to multitask. During the first few months, the majority of our students struggle to balance their work, home life, and studies. However, once habits are established, they suddenly realize that their overall productivity has skyrocketed and that it is not as difficult as they initially thought.


  1. Working online necessitates longer hours. As a result, the employer expects you to produce better results. There have been instances where employee productivity suffered as systems were moved online, and as a result, employees were reprimanded for performing better the next time.

  2. To attend the classes, the latter may necessitate a significant amount of travel, commuting, and traffic, whereas the former entails finding a quiet place in your home where you can participate via high-speed internet connection. As the statistics show, offline operations cost the organization more, and thus their net profits have improved as they have moved all operations online.

In either case, if you have what it takes to succeed, it is doable!