Can AI take over the world?

Some people’s perceptions of Artificial Intelligence have shifted as a result of science fiction (Sci-fi) films. They imagine AI-controlled robots becoming so strong that they would one day kill their creator and the whole earth, resulting in the emergence of a new AI-controlled species.
It’s a fascinating tale, but it’s impossible for it to happen in the near future!
Artificial Intelligence has unquestionably progressed and evolved into a distinctive element of the modern world. Despite AI breakthroughs, the majority of activities are still performed under human supervision throughout the working or development stages.

Artificial Intelligence is likewise restricted to the task that it has been trained to perform. Self-driving vehicles are an intriguing example, in which AI takes control of the vehicle and drives it to the user’s selected destination. However, the AI is confined to accurately driving the automobile and does not perform any other duties.
As a result, we are still at least a few decades away from AI taking over the world as depicted in sci-fi movies. But, simply to maintain the intrigue around this hypothesis, it may be conceivable in the future! Although, for the time being, this is simply a work of fiction.