Business Knowledge

How to get or improve Business Knowledge?

I assume you mean “Business domain Knowledge”.

For a learner, this is the path that I suggest:

  1. Read white papers / conference papers and understand the main business point of view when presented in a story.
  2. Google the terms not understood in those papers. Of course, it’s not possible to entirely understand everything in one shot. So try to get the main theme. Over the period of time you will understand.

For e.g., you would like to understand the healthcare business for physician segmentation. Go through white papers / conference papers that service companies have published related to the topic. Understand the main business goal here and imagine what data could have been used. How the analysis has helped the business. In the process you’ll dig into what the data can be and eventually understand the business aspect of the problem.

For working professionals:

  1. Reach out to colleagues / positive attitude people working around first who you think might know.
  2. Google up for fact check or deeper understanding.
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Thank you, sir, for the reply. I’ll do as you suggested.