Best practices for PPC Lead generation?

Setting up UTM Parameters

The success of a PPC campaign needs to be reviewed in order to learn from it and to do that, you need to effectively track your lead generation strategies. UTM parameters will help you track your leads.

A UTM link can be customized for each campaign and give you a proper understanding of exactly how each one worked. You can see which ads are generating the most traffic even if they are being run from different websites.

2. Segment the PPC Campaigns

Competitors might run PPC campaigns, but you can segment yours to get a bigger advantage, especially in the B2B retail space. Certain keywords are relevant only for certain times of the year and you’d want to change the values of bids.

Segment your campaigns so that you know how much money to put in and when you need to stop them because it can end up burning a hole in your pocket.

3. Schedule ads based on performance

Do not waste money on those keywords that don’t drive the necessary leads. Schedule ads based on performance alone and Adwords has that feature with which you can manage keyword schedules.

B2B retailers especially need to note this. Pause your ads on Saturdays or weekends, because it’s highly unlikely your audience is searching for your products during this time. Be smart and efficient about how you run your campaigns and enjoy better results.

4. Make sure your keywords are relevant

Now that you know about bidding on keywords, you need to make sure these keywords are relevant to your marketing and business goals. Google prioritizes keywords which have identical matches to the query even if there are other keywords related to that search.

It also gives preference to those ads that have exact matches and your exact match result can be shown ahead of other broader search terms. The keywords with the highest ad rankings are triggered. That’s why it’s crucial to bid on those that are extremely relevant.

5. Build custom landing pages

Building a custom landing page is a cost-effective strategy for customer acquisition. In order to maximize the rates of conversion, you need to build custom landing pages. These can be done based on where leads come from, and you can highlight the importance of setting up custom parameters.

6. Review search terms report

The Google Search terms report will give you valuable information that you can use your PPC campaigns. You need to review the report regularly to see whether keywords generate leads or not.

You can also see new terms with a higher potential of benefiting campaigns that are based on existing keywords as well.

7. Pre-qualify leads with detailed ad copies

You can add specific terms that businesses are searching for and you can get more relevant clicks. By running ads on publishers’ sites as well, you can pre-qualify leads. A/B testing ad copies give you a more detailed understanding of what copy works - transactional or creative and you can keep improving from thereon.


Thus, with these effective techniques, you’ll be well on your way to generating effective leads via PPC. Make sure you keep optimizing and understanding your clients, and you’ll start tasting success more regularly.
I hope you find this information helpful…see you on the next topic